Welding Grade Bauxite

Welding Grade Bauxite, as a welding granular flux material, is one of the main raw materials in the welding industry. Welding grade bauxite has tight regulation on S, P, and moisture. For getting rid of impurity and Increase Al2O3 content, our welding grade bauxite production by special mine, strict sorting, high-temperature calcination, cold annealing. Good refractoriness and toughness fully meet the requirements of flux

$300.00$500.00 / MT

The Harm of Phosphorus and Sulfur in Welding Grade Bauxite
Welding grade bauxite has tight regulation on sulfur and phosphorus, which are detrimental to the weld. When present at high concentrations, they induce porosity and cracking, and at lower concentrations, they adversely affect the weld’s impact strength.

The Harm of Moisture in Welding Grade Bauxite
The moisture for welding grade bauxite should not exceed 0.5% because of the potential for any moisture present within the flux to reduce to hydrogen; if exposed to a welding arc, the molten weld pool absorbs the hydrogen and will induce brittleness into the weld.

The Role of Welding Grade Bauxite
Techniques for submerged arc welding require a granular flux to melt to be welding slag and gas so shield the molten weld pool from the atmosphere during the weld’s application or placement. Various proprietary compositions exist in welding flux, and in most cases, calcined bauxite is incorporated into these formulations. Calcined bauxite may make up to 25% of the welding flux in some instances.

Available Welding Grade Bauxite

 Al2O3(%) 83.0min 85.0min 87.0min
 SiO2(%) 9.0max 8.0max 8.0max
 Fe2O3(%) 2.0max 1.8max 2.0max
 K2O(%) 0.3max 0.5max/
S(%) 0.02max 0.02max 0.02max
P(%) 0.05max 0.05max 0.04max

Available Grain Size

250mesh;325mesh; 600mesh; 800mesh; 1000mesh; 2500mesh; or as customer’s requirement.

Weight1000 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 100 cm


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