What’s the application for refractory bauxite

Calcined bauxite is produced by sintering/calcining of low iron, low alkali containing raw bauxites at temperatures of 1600 – 1800 degree Celsius. In this calcination process, the high refractory mineral phases corundum and mullite are formed. Therefore calcined bauxite is one of the most important raw materials for the production of shaped and unshaped refractories for the steel industry, foundries, glass, and cement plants. Calcined bauxite is available “run of the kiln” i.e. uncrushed or infractions and as ball milled powder according to customers requirements, in bulk or bagged.

Application for calcined bauxite:

– welding flux
– road construction
– slag conditioning in the steel industry
– production of brown fused alumina
– production of mineral wool
– production of high alumina cement

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