China refractory bauxite manufacturer

Sicheng mainly produces welding grade bauxite, HFST bauxite, porcelain insulators bauxite, cement grade bauxite, and refractory grade bauxite. Rely on our own bauxite. We develop new environment-friendly ceramic foundry sand, a typical trend for casting sand.

Furthermore, we have a close relationship with dead burnt magnesia producers and calcined kaolin due to our long business involved in refractory and abrasive industries.

Sicheng is growing fast in recent years and consistently holds the principle of first quality, best service, and the last price. Sicheng has become one of the global leading suppliers of calcined bauxite.

Our factory has well-equipped facilities and excellent skills throughout all production stages, which makes annual capacity exceeds 100,000 tons. Good qualities of raw material, strict manufacturing process, well-proportioned sintering, and compact structure greatly satisfied the Bauxite.

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