Bauxite for Road

Bauxite for Road originates from China, formed by calcining bauxite ore at an excessive temperature which ranges between 850℃ to 1600℃. When calcined, Calcined bauxite has exceptional physical hardness and stability, with optimum use in hot or cold, applied anti-skid, and high friction surface systems. Leading to excellent resistance to abrasion caused by the vehicle’s tires and high resistance to polishing, making it ideal for increasing the abrasive resistance and skid resistance of asphalt roads and other high transportation areas.

$300.00$500.00 / MT

Applications of Bauxite for Road
The high friction surfacing treatment bauxite can be applied to any surface.

  • Intersections
  • High accident level areas
  • Pedestrian walkways and cycle paths
  • Airfield runway
  • Transportation roads

Properties of Calcined Bauxite for Road:

Polished Stone Value (PSV)> 70
Aggregate Abrasion Value (AAV)< 4
Relative Density (SSD)> 2.8
Moisture Content [%]< 0.5
Grading (passing) 3.35mm [%]> 95

Chemical Composition

Al2O3 [%]> 82.0
Fe2O3 [%]< 4.5
SiO2 [%]< 12.5
K2O+Na2O [%]< 0.5
TiO2 [%]< 4.5
Weight1000 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 100 cm


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