The manufacture methods of calcined bauxite

Burning equipment of bauxite clinker-Flame Kiln

1. Infalling flame kiln is an intermittent kiln. The flame kiln is named after the flow of flames in the kiln. The flames of fuel burning rushed up to the vault after entering the firing kiln chamber from the burning room. The stack is passed to the body to the body, so that the body changes in physical chemical changes during heating, and the flames are eventually gathered to the flue through the fire hole at the bottom of the kiln and discharged by the chimney. Because the flow of flames flowing in the kiln is upward to the tuse, it flows downwards, so it is called an inverted flame kiln.

2. The flame kiln is a hot -working equipment for intermittent operations. The advantage is that it can adapt to different products; the firing of different firing systems is more flexible. The kiln is inconvenient.

Bauxite clinker is divided into inverted flame kiln and rotary kiln

The output of the flame kiln material is small, the production cycle is long, and the materials are irregular. It is suitable for refractory brick manufacturers

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